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Special Programs

Virginia, Maryland & Delaware Association of Electric Cooperatives Scholarship Foundation

School Children
Electric Safety demonstration by BARC staff at a local school

High school seniors whose parents (or legal guardians) are members of BARC Electric Cooperative are eligible to apply for college scholarships awarded by the Virginia, Maryland & Delaware Association of Electric Cooperatives (VMDAEC) Educational Scholarship Foundation.

Scholarships of $500 and $1,000 are awarded each year to several recipients. Recipients are chosen based on a competitive screening process. Applicants must provide evidence of acceptance in a post-high school education institution or program and must be entering school as a freshman. The scholarship funds are sent directly to the educational institution, placed in the student’s account, and can be used to pay for tuition, fees, books, or other miscellaneous items that may be needed.

Applications are available online at www.vmdaec.com or www.co-opliving.com/community or by writing to: VMDAEC Scholarships, P.O. Box 2340, Glen Allen, Virginia 23058-2340.

To date, the VMDAEC Educational Foundation has awarded 409 scholarships totaling over $300,000 to deserving students. The total number of scholarships awarded each year is dependent on the amount of funds available.

The Virginia, Maryland & Delaware Association of Electric Cooperatives was founded in 1944 and provides training, communications, governmental relations and other services to the 16 electric cooperatives that serve the three-state Mid-Atlantic region.  BARC is a proud member of the association and an active supporter of the community in which we serve, fulfilling one of the seven cooperative principles, "Concern for Community."