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Purchase an Energy Monitor

energy monitor

Ever wonder how much a device or appliance is costing you? Or how much it costs just to keep something plugged in? Our new plug-in energy monitors can tell you.

The BARC plug-in energy monitor is very easy to use. Simply plug it into the wall, plug your appliance into the monitor, and it will tell you the amount of energy used, along with the cost. The results are displayed on a digital screen.

The monitor we now offer has a removable screen with a very legible display so you can see the data without getting on your hands and knees. It also offers the ability to program in your exact cost of electricity (9.5 cents per kWh is our going residential rate) so you can accurately track usage costs.

We also make your purchase worry free with several easy ways to obtain one or more monitors for your home or business. The best way is simply let us add it to your next power bill. The monitors sell for $29.99 plus tax (shipping is included, if applicable).

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