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Power from the Heart

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Power from the Heart, BARC’s new community service program, is ready to power up! The program is designed to help our members keep the electricity on when times are tough.

Power from the Heart is built upon the foundation of members helping members, a key characteristic of co-ops.

When a member experiences an unexpected financial hardship, paying the electric bill can become a challenge. Power from the Heart is intended to help those members in emergency situations who have fallen on hard times and require assistance paying their energy bills. The money raised from Power from the Heart is individually small, but cumulatively significant, and will make a tremendous difference in our members' lives.

The Need

Approximately 15 out of every 100 people in our area struggle to pay their electricity bills. Every day, BARC member service representatives work diligently to find ways to help members avoid disconnects. Now, qualified members facing financial hardship can also find help through Power from the Heart.

More specifics:

Members provide the funds

Power from the Heart funds are raised exclusively by members for members and used to meet extraordinary local needs.

Enroll Now!

To enroll in BARC's "Power from the Heart" program sign up under "Services" through our customer portal or call us at 1-800-846-2272.