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The staff at BARC Electric Cooperative enjoys the opportunity of presenting safety displays, energy efficiency programs, and other educational presentations to the public. Give us a call at 1-800-846-2272 to set up a demonstration at your school, club, or other function.


Presentation at FFA

Safety-Mike Smith and others will bring a safety display to your school, club, or just about any gathering to teach safety around electricity. He brings a display about safety around substations, overhead power lines, underground power lines, and a variety of other situations. He often brings one of our lineman and a bucket truck to demonstrate the safety equipment they use on a daily basis.

Energy Efficiency-A number of people at the co-op are willing to come out and discuss home energy efficiency. They usually bring handouts on appliances and some door prizes such as CFL's (compact fluorescent light bulbs).

Cooperative Difference-We are always willing to share the story of the Cooperative Difference and the benefits involved in being a member owner. This can be done in conjunction with any of the other demonstrations we offer.
Custom Demonstrations-If your group or organization has something in particular you would like to discuss, give us a call and we will see if we can tailor a program for you.

Educational Tours

scout group
Scouts learning about Power

We offer educational tours of the headquarters facility with equipment demonstrations. We are also willing to give safety tours of a substation or other facilities on our system.


BARC works in conjuction with our statewide association, the Virginia, Maryland and Delaware Association of Electric Cooperatives, on a scholarship program that is awarded each year to a local high school student. See the VMDAEC Scholarship webpage.