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Beat the Peak

Heat above 90°

What happens when it gets hot in the summertime?

At BARC on really hot days (around 90 degrees or more), our system reaches peaks of usage late in the afternoon and into the early evening. During those times we often need to purchase very expensive power in order to meet the peaks.

Our members have often ask, “What can I do to avoid these high power bills?” One very useful thing would be to watch what you are using on hot days between 4 and 7p.m. Maybe you can delay using hot water until after 7 p.m. Maybe you can delay washing and drying clothes. How about waiting to wash the dishes? Another effective measure is to close your window shades. Perhaps you can even turn the thermostat up a degree or two.

We hope you will help us to help you by doing these things on exceptionally hot days, because if each of us does a little bit, together we can do a lot to keep your power bills down. We can avoid buying the unnecessary peak power that ultimately ends up in the fuel adjustment on your bills.

Purchase expensive power

Help us Beat the Peak

One of our sister cooperatives, Delaware Electric Coop, calls this “Beat the Peak.” It works well for them, and we know you will want to help us make it work at BARC.

If you like this idea, and you find you can help to reduce these electric peaks, please sign up for our Member Messaging service.

To find other ways to save energy, please take a look at the BARC Energy Tools web page.