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Autocue System

You Can Now Report Power Outages and Make Credit Card Payments on Your Electric Account

BARC's Autocue system that will allow greater ease in reporting power outages by phone, and provides a new method for making electric payments as well. When consumers call in a power outage, they can now report the outage using this automated system without having to wait to speak with a customer service team member or after-hours agent (we still offer outage reporting through the BARC app, available for both Apple and Android phones).

Power Outage
Reporting a Power Outage

Whether it is to report a power outage or pay a bill by credit card using Autocue, you will need to provide your electric account number that is associated with your electric service address. Additional instructions for how to use Autocue are located in the infographic.

Since Autocue interfaces with both our customer information and outage management systems, the only way this tool will be effective is if we have up-to-date contact information and service (911) address. When you call to report an outage, the account number you enter in the Autocue system will reference our systems to produce a service address. If this address is incorrect, is blank, or has just a descriptor such as "well", "house", etc., Autocue will not be able to accurately log your outage to alert BARC that there is a problem. Accurate service addresses also help our outage management system predict the location and possible cause of an outage, making it faster and easier for our crews to correct the problem.

We need the help of our consumers to update our records! Please review your electric billing statement and pay attention to the "Location Address" box located at the top right of your billing statement. Also take a moment to confirm your phone number on your statement. Please contact us at 800-846-2272, Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, to update any incorrect information associated with your electric account.